Church of the Advent Chronology


  • 1825  Georgia Legislature granted the Madison Methodist Congregation the lot. 
  • ca. 1825 a frame church was built.  Methodist's part of the South Carolina Conference.
  • 1836.  Methodists became part of the Georgia Conference.
  • 1844 the present brick structure was built. Dedicated by Bishop J. O. Andrew.
    The Methodist Church split that year over slavery (occasioned by a slave named Kitty, owned by Bishop Andrew).
  • 1846  The Episcopalians organized.
  • 1847 Accepted into the Diocese of Georgia.  George S. Jessup & Isham V.
    Fannin 1st Wardens.  1st Vestrymen: Joshua Hill, Thomas A. Burke,
      Benjamin G. Liddon, Henry Norton, A.C. Hunt, William H. Burr, Cyrus  Morehouse, and Eugene U. Harris
  • 1853 Episcopal Chapel built  next to Old Cemetery.  Consecrated by the Rt. Rev. Stephen Ellloitt, Bishop of Diocese of Georgia.  Elliott Habersham, rector.
  • 1869  Episcopal church records burned (possibly in the Dry Goods store of member P. R. Thomason) in the fire that destroyed downtown Madison.
  • 1880s.The North Georgia Conference was held in the church.  Former pastors were Lovic Pierce, John Wesley Talley, Dr. Alexander Means (a president of Emory, also at Medical College of GA), A.M. Speer (a founder of Wesleyan), William Parks, and Simon Peter Richardson
  • 1849  the Madison Female Institute was founded.  It stood where the Parish House is located.  It was a two story brick building.  Wilds Kolb, Calib Key and Lucius L. Wittich were among the founders.  Mrs. Dolly Sumner Lunt (later Burge) was a teacher, Rev. Henry Bellah was president at one time.
  • 1864  Madison Female Institute used as a hospital for wounded confederate soldiers evacuated from Atlanta
  • 1864, November, the Madison Female Institute burned.
  • 1868-1899  J. Knowles Pastor (longest term for a rector)
  • 1870s  A fire in the building.
  • 1892 Simon Peter Richardson itinerant preacher at Madison "Perhaps no town in all Georgia has been so bitterly cursed with atheism and infidelity as Madison"
  • 1893  The Conference (Methodist North Georgia)  held at the church.
  • 1910s Edgar Legare Pennington Layreader & active in church (was a Deacon --his portrait is in the dining room of the parish house)
  • 1914.   Methodists moved to their new church.
  • 1918  Leila Ross Wilburn prepares plans to convert into residence for W. C. Thompson
  • 1931 thru 1950s Christian Scientists use the church for their worship
  • 1937  Episcopal Church deconsecrated by Bishop Mikell
  • 1940  Old Episcopal Church torn down.
  • 1953  Episcopalians regrouped and organized as a mission of Good Shepherd in Covington.  The Madison mission was called St. Michael and All Angels.
  • 1961  The old Methodist church purchased with gift from Sue Reid Walton Manley. Thomas Little consulting architect
  • 1962  January 25th  Name of mission changed to Church of the Advent
  • 1963  Feb. 10th  5 PM  Bishop Claiborne consecrates the building
  • 1965  The R. W. Parker house purchase (built in 1880s) for use as Parish House. Named for Anthony Brown Barnett, son of Dr. & Mrs. Crawford Fannin Barnett.