Parish Life 1960s and 1970s

Penny Lyle contributed these photos from Easter 1963.


Penny Irby Tuck (today, Penny Lyle), with her children Betsy and Dan Tuck


Betsy Tuck, Easter 1963. In the background, on the right, is Bill Ponder

Green Jenkins Wedding

April 16, 1966, and the wedding of Julie Green to Felton Jenkins.
The clergy are Rev. Robert Crandall (center) and Rev. David C. Wright, Jr., to the right.


Wedding of Marilyn Ruth Brown to Lowry Weyman (Whitey) Hunt, Jr., December 27, 1972


Lyn and Whitey Hunt on their wedding day at Church of the Advent


Lyn Hunt in the parlor of the Burnett Parish House with her mother Marilyn Cox Elliott